Put our experience to work to further your real estate career

Put our experience to work to further your real estate career

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When you join the team at Watson Realty Corp., you become more than just another agent at a real estate company – you become part of one of Florida’s greatest success stories.

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Prospecting letter for homeowners that have owned their home for many years.

Example letter for homeowners that have owned their home for many years.

direct mail prospecting


Dear Homeowner,

Our records indicate you purchased your home in 2009.  Since then, homes in your area have appreciated significantly.

This is great news, especially if you are considering selling your home!

If you would appreciate updated information about the current real estate market and how it impacts the value of your home, please feel free to contact me for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

If I can be of any real estate related service, please do not hesitate to call me.

Best regards,

Helpful real estate agent



Watson Realty Corp. provides new associates with comprehensive, hands-on training and setup to quickly launch their careers by sharing essential skills and tools imperative to thriving in real estate.

watson success school

Let’s guide you… the Watson Way!

With Watson’s Success School program, you receive:

• Quick start to your customizable website (lead capture integrated into CRM)
• Step-by-step guide on writing autobiography and elevator pitch
• Training on creating your sphere of influence
• Training on selecting geographic prospecting area (i.e. farming)
• Watson Family of Services panel on maximizing earning potential
• Specialized start-up classes in marketing, e-business, relocation, and more
• Insight, wisdom, and open discussion with legend, Mr. William A. Watson Jr.
• Dialogue with executive leadership on market temperature, trends, and listings value
Additionally, Watson’s Training and Development Team demonstrate:
• Hosting a stellar open house
• Personal goal setting and business planning
• Prospecting, personal marketing, and branding
• Effortlessly working with buyers and sellers
• Leveraging syndication with Zillow and Realtor.com
• Easily navigating Watson’s paperless transaction management software
• In-depth broker lead contract review class
• Overview of Watson’s comparative market analysis presentation software
Bonus perks:
• Professional headshot
• Watson lapel pin, car magnets, jar openers, and front license plate
• Watson agent announcement cards
• Quick, sharable, and customizable social media announcements
• Watson name badge

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Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal for real estate agent use

Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal

osmo mobile 2 gimbal real estate

I recently purchased this Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal.  This device is designed to help stabilize smartphones when taking videos or pictures.  The results are smoother.  Coupled with the free DJI app, there are a number of added benefits that I am just now diving into.

I used the gimbal for the first time last night, videoing an investment property for an investor.  Practice might not make perfect but I know my ability to use this tool will continue to improve.  Even with my inexperience, I was able to take several short videos that I then uploaded to YouTube in order to forward the investor a private link to view.

I hope to start showing my agents how to use this device in their business starting in September in order to coincide with the new agent website roll-out.

Staying connected. What to say when your customer is not ready to buy or sell.

stay connected with your customers

When the customer is not ready

There will be times when you meet a potential buyer or seller and the customer is not ready to move forward.  There are number of reasons why the customer has reached out to you for preliminary information but is not able to put their house on the market or purchase a home right now.

When this happens, you will want to make sure to follow up with the customer regularly using your CRM.  Once the customer has made it clear they are not ready to buy or sell,  I would suggest communicating the following:

Staying connected script

The real estate landscape will be different over the next 18 months (insert their time frame) so I will suspend my specific searching/researching for you and reestablish it again closer to your time frame for buying/selling.  With your permission, I will continue to provide you general information about the area.   In the meantime if I can be of any help at all please do not hesitate to call or email me.  I look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future.

Asking for permission to stay in touch regularly is important.  We don’t want to totally ignore them for 18 months only to discover their time frame changed and they forgot about us.

Using this simple script will help you stay in contact with and maintain a business relationship with customers not ready for your services.

3 success tips for newly licensed real estate agents

3 tips for newly licensed real estate agents

newly licensed agents


It seems everyone has a real estate license these days.  So how does a newly licensed real estate agent set themselves apart from the hundreds of agents receiving their license every month?

Here are 3 tips to help you reach the success others fail to achieve.

  1. Be helpful to newer agents like yourself. But wait, you are new too, how can this be a success tip?  Here is what we know about the real estate industry, not everyone ends up succeeding.  We also know that most people will either buy or sell a home, or know of someone who will.  This includes former real estate agents.  If you are genuinely helpful to these newer agents, offering advice or encouragement, they will remember.  When it comes time to refer a family member or look for an agent for their personal needs, you will receive the call.
  2. Think long term. The new agent drive is to find a buyer or seller ready to buy or sell right now!  That is ok, but in the course of looking for these ready and willing buyer and sellers, you will encounter lookie loos, thinking about it’ers and not ready yet’ers.  Those are the folks to place in your CRM and keep in contact with over the next few weeks, months or years.  Don’t lose them!
  3. Assume a new role. In this case, the role you would assume would be of those real estate agents no longer in the business or your competitors from other firms that fail to follow up with their past customers. Research the MLS and pull sold properties from several years back, cross check to make sure the same owner who purchased the home is still the owner, and make sure the property is not currently listed.  Send them a letter or stop by with your marketing give-away and introduce yourself.

We hope these tips help you build the career you desire.


How to build a successful real estate career

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