Close more sales. You say it best, when you say nothing at all.

Know when to stop talking

know when to stop talking

In our experience, a difficult skill set to master is the ability to stop talking.  It is something we must consciously work on.  In our opinion, we are not the only real estate agent that could use improvement in this area.

Salespeople love to talk.  But there comes a time, when we must stop talking.  We need to stop talking so that:

  • The customer can reflect on the information we just provided.  
  • The customer can ask questions.
  • The customer can say, yes.

We also need to stop talking so that we can improve another part of our technique, our listening skills.  It is by listening to the customer’s comments, questions and objections, that we can determine the correct path to satisfying the customers’ needs and goals.

The great thing about a GPS, it provides you a route to where you want to go.

Looking for direction?

I use my GPS nearly every day.  If I am not using it to find out how to get somewhere, I am using it to find out how long it will take to get where I want to go.  Ellen, Clarissa and I try to manage and train our agents, the same way.

We know you have joined us so that you can sell real estate.  Your goal is to make real estate sales your career.   If we do not provide specific direction on how to sell real estate or more real estate than you currently are selling, then what value are we to you?  We are as useless and a non-working GPS and you will probably end up lost or stalled on the road to success.

That is why we our training and direction from the start is action specific.  Our focus is on results oriented prospecting and networking systems.  We teach tried and true methods for listing and selling homes and we are consistently trying and researching new ways to reach buyers and sellers.  Just like using a GPS to travel, we know what routes will get you to the success you desire and the time you will need to invest to get there.

But of course, you have to do the work.  You have to follow the route.  You do the driving.  We will be there to encourage, to hold you accountable, to help you focus, to offer direction, but the drive, the journey depends on you.  How many houses you sell, how fast you become successful, is determined by how you use the tools, systems, direction and training we provide. 

So are you ready?  Are you seeking direction?  Contact us for a private meeting or to find out when our next career night is going to be held.        

How do you know if a real estate career is right for you?

How do you know if a real estate career is right for you?

is a real estate career right for you?

To help you decide if a career with Watson Realty is right for you, we are offering an opportunity for you to attend a career night on March 14th from 7pm-8pm in our Kissimmee office.

The purpose of the career night is for you to determine:

  1. If you should consider signing up for the State required 63 hour real estate school.
  2. If you are already licensed, you will get a look inside Watson Realty and what we have to offer.

Interested in finding out more? Email, text or fill out a contact form to reserve your seat. 407-304-0255

Your real estate career does not have to be left up to chance.

ellen thunell professional broker

Your real estate career does not have to be left up to chance.

An successful career in real estate is dependent on several factors. An individuals drive, focus and discipline are extremely important to one’s success, and so is the support received.

Having someone provide continuous training, offer continued encouragement and nurturing provides a foundation that is strong enough from which to build the strongest of careers.

That is what we offer. That is our guarantee.

Legendary Quality Service includes being on time for appointments

Legendary Quality Service includes being on time for appointments

I don’t like it when people are late. I don’t think I am the only one that feels this way. My frustration intensifies when the person that is late in arriving or contacting me is someone that I am counting on to provide a service.

customer service includes being on time

As a real estate broker for many, many years, I have known real estate agents that can’t seem to arrive anywhere on time. In my opinion, constantly being late is poor customer service.

They have excuses, but what they dont have is an appreciation for other people’s time. Selling real estate in a busy city like Orlando or Kissimmee comes with it’s own challenges of travel. As agents, we have to learn to adapt to these challenges. Leaving earlier than we need too or checking our GPS priot to leaving for delays and faster routes are simple ways to reduce tardiness.

Quality customer service expects you to be on time.

Put our experience to work to further your real estate career

Put our experience to work to further your real estate career

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When you join the team at Watson Realty Corp., you become more than just another agent at a real estate company – you become part of one of Florida’s greatest success stories.

Contact us to discover how our over 50 years of experience in the Florida real estate marketplace will benefit your career!

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