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Kissimmee real estate school starts May 10th

Are you interested in receiving your Florida real estate license?  Do you want to sell real estate as a career in the Osceola are?  If so, you may want to sign up for our next real estate class.

The Kissimmee school starts on May 10th and is held from 6 pm-10 pm, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with the final exam to be held on June 19th.

Email me;,  and I will forward you a registration form to complete.  Cost: $245.00


If you are new in the business, we will write the offer for you!

watsoncares1Many new real estate agents are hesitant at the beginning of their careers simply because they do not understand the paperwork they are required to assist a buyer with, when purchasing a home.

Ellen and I offer an extensive initial training program for our new agents, however, when an agent gets started quickly, sometimes they need help before they receive their initial training.

We are there to help.

We are happy to write the offer for our newer agents.  With our use of transaction desk, we are ale to shadow the new agent’s profile and complete the offer for them and their buyer.  All they would need to get the following from the buyer; purchase price, escrow deposit amount, closing date, type of financing or will they be paying cash, do they want a home warranty. Any other terms or conditions that are important to them that are not already on the contract.

We never want our agents to miss a sale simply because they are new.

If you are a new agent and want to be part of a team that is there to support you, give us a call!

A question about withdrawn listings.

Q: I have a buyer I am working with and they asked me about a property that they saw on  I looked it up on the MLS and it was withdrawn 30 days ago after being on the market for over 440 days.  My buyers are interested in the house.  Since it was withdrawn and not expired can I still attempt to contact the owners or should I contact the agent that had the listing?

A:  In my opinion, you should contact the listing agent first.  It could still be under listing contract.  Just because it shows as withdrawn in the MLS does not necessarily mean that the listing contract between the real estate company and seller has expired or is no longer valid.



Kissimmee Watson School of Real Estate is now offering the state required 45 hr. post licensing class


Are you newly licensed?  We are offering the required 45 hour post licensing class tht you need to complete.

KISSIMMEE-1950 E. Irlo Bronson Mem. Hwy.  Kissimmee 34744

Friday, January 8th 5 PM – 10 PM        Saturday, January 9th  9 AM – 6 PM,  Sunday, January 10th  9 AM -6 PM
Friday, January 15th 5 PM – 10 PM     Saturday, January 16th  9 AM – 6 PM,  Sunday, January 17th  9 AM -6 PM

Review and State Exam will be given in class on
Sunday January 17th  9 AM to 6 PM

Contact me to reserve a seat!

Kissimmee real estate school starts September 9th

Are you interested in a real estate sales career?  We are offering a pre-licensing course to be held in our Watson Realty Corp. Kissimmee office on September 9th, 2015.

The class will run from September 9th to October 12th.  This will be a night class with hours of 6pm to 10pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  The cost to attend is $245, which includes textbook, class materials and final exam.

To reserve a seat, please email me for a registration package.

Real Estate Agent Training: TouchCMA

We will be offering in office introduction and training on the TouchCMA seller and buyer presentation tool.  TouchCMA allows our agents to perform live and in-depth market analysis for their clients, quickly and accurately.

This training will be held in our office and is open to area agents interested in learning more about our Company and this program.  This presentation will be on August 13, 2015 from 10am – noon.  Our office location is 1950 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy.  Kissimmee 34744.  Call me if you would like more information on Watson Realty Corp. and/or to register for this training.

(8-13-2013) Great to see so many attending this mornings class!

touchcma training


What options does the FARBAR purchase contract provide when dealing with inspection report repairs?

What are the options does the FARBAR purchase contract provide when dealing with inspection report repairs?

Page 5, section 12 of the FARBAR AS IS contract deals  with the property inspection.  This clause, in my opinion, allows the buyer to terminate the contract or accept the condition of the property.

In many transaction , real estate agents want to offer a 3rd option, that of negotiating these repairs.  While it is the right of buyer and seller to mutually agree to amend a contract, I would strongly suggest that the agents involved should not be in a hurry to do so. legal section has addressed this issue and the answer to a similar question included this suggestion; “Since the as-is aspect of the contract is a central theme referenced throughout, we recommend that parties wanting to make the contract more like a formal inspection and repair contract hire a lawyer to draft the amendment. ”  You can reference the question and answer regarding this here.

That is a pretty strong recommendation to hire a lawyer to draft the amendment.  Unless the agents involved are lawyers, it would be in their best interest to not prepare an amendment with the purpose of negotiating repairs under an AS IS contract.  This will help reduce risk management issues.

The importance of self-motivation

How do you get yourself to do things you don’t feel like doing? You know what those things are and I bet each and every one of you have said at one time or another; “tomorrow I am going to ___________ in order to get more listings or make more sales”. Unfortunately, just like New Year’s resolutions, the motivation passes long before the task has been completed. I have heard it said that motivation is just like bathing, you need it every day. We can get motivated in a variety of ways. A coach can motivate us, real estate managers can motivate us, our husband, wife, or significant other can motivate us, even a book or quote can motivate us to get going in the right direction. The challenge we encounter is that we can’t always have those outside motivators with us on a daily, minute by minute basis or when we need them the most! So what then?

We need to learn how to motivate ourselves.

Being able to self-motivate keeps successful agents moving in the right direction. It is my opinion, the key to being able to motivate oneself, starts first with understanding what motivation means. I found a definition of motivation online that I think provides a clue on why successful agents are able to motivate themselves daily. Motivation is defined as; “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way”. I believe successful agents have the reason or reasons they will succeed ingrained into their being. Nothing will stand in their way and that includes doing the things that most agents don’t want to do. Their reasons for wanting to be successful are immensely more powerful than their fear of what needs to be done to reach their goals. Are your reason or reasons that powerful?

Reexamine or identify why you want to be successful and then ask yourself, would it be ok if I failed. If the answer is yes, then you are trying to build a real estate career for the wrong reasons. It is when failure is not an option that self-motivation will be the driving force for success!

Don’t forget those open house balloons!

Unfortunately, holding open houses as a method of selling a home or prospecting for new buyers or sellers, has went the way of dinosaurs for many real estate agents. For those agents who still understand the power of using open houses to grow your business, here is a little tip that I was reminded hose real estate

I had the opportunity to sit at an open house this past weekend. The listing agent explained to me that we would need to get an early start prepping for our open house because she wanted to place several directional signs. The fact that she used 10 directional signs was impressive enough but then she went a step further and attached helium filled balloons to these signs. It is my opinion that few agents use balloons to attract attention to their signs.

They should start.

We had at least 20 visitors during our 3 hour open house. Several new relationships were started and the seller ended up receiving an offer from buyers who visited the open house without their agent. The little extra step of using the balloons was noticed by the community builder rep who, stopped in and thanked us for putting out balloons!

Were we successful just because of the balloons? Of course not, but I do believe those little extra steps increase an agents overall success.


Time marches on in 2014 and so do time management issues

Newer agents that find themselves getting busy in the real estate business often times face problems centered around their time management or lack there of.

For a busy real estate agent, time management issues often include;

Business impact

Arriving for appointments or meetings late

Falling behind on paperwork or updates

Little or no time spent on daily prospecting

Personal impact

Time spent with family suffers

Fast food takes over for healthier food choices

Little to no exercise or stress reducing time

I would like to offer you the following suggestions that you can implement that will help reduce time management issues as your career continues to flourish. These are just a few suggestions. You can find more time management suggestions and tips online.

1. Plan your day in advance. Either at the end of the work day or just prior to starting, you should list the day’s activity. You can use a legal pad, your phone or tablet. This will help with tracking your day. After an item on your list has been completed, mark it off. If it cannot be completed make sure to list it for the following day. Always, always list the most important tasks first. Get them out of the way! The more difficult or stressful the task is to you, the more reason to tackle it first while your energy and confidence level is high!

2. Excuse yourself when needed. Throughout the day people will want to take up some of your valuable time. When you encounter people that want to talk about the weather, last night’s TV show or the latest office gossip, you should excuse yourself politely and let them know you have tasks that you have to get to. Personal interaction is important to reducing stress, however in order to not fall behind on your important money making activities, invite those folks to lunch later in the week to catch up on all of the interesting news. Limiting unscheduled non-business activities will go a long way to helping you with your time management issues. Some top producers even post signs on their door announcing that they are involved in money making activity and should not be disturbed.

3. Delegate. Your skill set is in face to face meetings with past, current and prospective buyers and sellers. You do not have to be a just listed/just sold card designer, you do not have to be a professional photographer or videographer, you do not have to know everything there is to know about Title insurance or mortgage questions. Hire vendors to handle your prospecting and marketing systems. Early on, make sure your customers and clients are provided the phone numbers of your Title, Mortgage, Inspection support staff and encourage them to call these folks directly. Of course you will want to make sure your support staff alerts you via email or text afterwards so that you can do a quick follow up with your customer or client to make sure they have received the answers needed.

Effective time management is a crucial link for going to the next level of success. A well-managed career will reduce your stress and will be appreciated by everyone you do business with.