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RPAC Roaring Twenties Auction

Ellen and I attended the Orlando Realtor Association Realtor Political Action Committee (RPAC) auction that was held at The Country Club of Orlando.rpac

The theme was the roaring 20’s.  Many of the agents and affiliates in attendance did a really good job dressing for the era.  Ellen and I pulled together an outfit at the last minute from what we had in our closet.

The food and drink were good and while we were unsuccessful bidding on a few items, we thoroughly enjoyed the event and would encourage all agents in the Orlando area to attend future events.

Tips to help you take more listings!

There is a good chance you have not experienced a market like we are experiencing today.  Listings are the name of the game and to help you take more of the listings, once you get the appointment, there are tips that agents have used for years that can help.  Take the time to read through the suggestions below and add your own personality to the materials and presentation you will be using.

• Build your credibility. 

Include a resume of sorts about you, flyers about your company, your mortgage department, your relocation division, your awards, and recognition.

• Dress for success.

You will most likely be the only agent that shows up at their door with business attire on. Brag about that fact so that they notice the difference should they meet with other agents. Dressing professionally won’t cost you a transaction but there is a pretty good chance it could help get you one during the course of the year.

• Be well prepared.

Sometimes it is good to drive past the house a day before the appointment. That will give you a chance to view the active, pending, expired and sold homes in the area of the listing you are trying to get. Pull the tax record of the property and use the tax records search for comparable homes sold for sale by owner. Pull recent expired listings. The expired listings are great for helping the seller understand the result of overpricing. Have information available on all pending and recent sold homes in the area. These will help you prepare your CMA and can be used to show the customer what the competition looks like.

• Know what is important to them

Remember that most sellers will be focused on 3 points when listing their home; how much money will they receive, how long will it take and how stressful/bothersome will the process be on them and their personal life. You should be prepared to cover those 3 points in detail with the seller to their satisfaction.

• Fact find.

Ask all the right questions. Who will be making the decision to list the home, will they be attending the presentation? Why are you wanting to sell? Where are they moving? What do they think the home is worth? Information is valuable and you know the only way to get it is to ask questions and then, listen.

• Take the listing.

Make sure you have a sign, lockbox and a complete listing package filled out with everything but the price when you arrive at the listing. After the small talk, after the presentation of marketing plan and after the CMA, ask for the listing. Don’t spend a second more selling yourself when the customer has said they are ready. Start getting signatures!

These are just a few extra little suggestions for you to use. Most successful listing agents are familiar with most if not all of these points.

Go get those listings!

Real estate continuing education Florida

2013 45 hr Post License Classes

Watson School of Real Estate is proud to announce it is now offering the state required 45 hr post licensing class. The total cost of the Real estate continuing education Florida class is $175.00  including the textbook ,all other material needed to complete the class. We will also file the required paper work with the state upon completion of the class. If you have not already completed this class, get this required class out of the way so you do not have to repeat the Principles & Practices I again. The registration is attached.

CHAMPIONS GATE-8235 Champions Gate Blvd. Davenport, FL. 33896

Friday February 22nd 5 -10 PM, Saturday, Feb 23rd 9 AM – 6 PM, Sunday, Feb 24th 9 AM -6 PM


Friday March 1st 5 -10 PM, Saturday, March 2nd 9 AM – 6 PM, Sunday, March 3rd 9 AM -5 PM

State Exam will be given in class on Sunday March 3rd

LONGWOOD Watson Office 1445 W SR 434 Suite 200, 32750  

Friday March 8th 5 -10 PM, Saturday, March 9th 9 AM – 6 PM, Sunday, March 10th 9 AM -6 PM


Friday March 15th 5 -10 PM, Saturday, March 16th 9 AM – 6 PM, Sunday, March 17th 9 AM -5 PM

State Exam will be given in class on Sunday March 17th

Contact me at to receive a registration package.

Captured a lead-that turned into a listing or buyer-that turned into a sale-that turned into a commission check

I am encouraged by the activity that I am seeing and hearing about throughout our office. I would assume you are experiencing the same increased activity. One of the signs of a changing market is agents increasing their marketing and prospecting by the use of direct mail.

Just remember a good direct mail piece needs to bring measurable results. We all know we have to spend money to make money. The part of that equation that you should always be concerned with is in making the money. Make sure you track each mailing so you can accurately account for which mailing;

captured a lead-that turned into a listing or buyer-that turned into a sale-that turned into a commission check.

That needs to be the measuring stick you use when comparing the cost to produce the piece and mailing it. I would encourage you to follow up on your mailings with a phone call or personal visit to increase the effectiveness.

Don’t get caught up in just the work and hoped for results, measure your success. If it is working and profitable, increase your efforts. If it is not profitable, improve what you are doing or quit doing it.

Direct mail has always been a good source of business for some.

Direct mail has always been a good source of business for some. The question you need to ask yourself before deciding on spending the money to mail out to neighborhoods or communities is why do some agents have success and others wait in vain for calls from their efforts? I have asked a few of our agents, who have enjoyed positive measurable success from their efforts, to let me know what they believe is the difference. Their comments include:

Need to have a good message, easy to read & a frequency when farming.
The piece can’t be cluttered, stick with the basics.
It is better to direct mail a specific area than send a bulk mailing.

I do believe that direct mail works. I was never a fan of bulk mail. The difference is in the target area, and the message. Direct mail that works including announcing a sale or new listing. Direct mail that works includes researching and sending to content to homeowners who have lived in their home for a number of years or those homeowners that are facing foreclosure. Direct mail that works includes offering first time home buyer information to renters.

Before starting on a direct mail campaign, think about the mail pieces you receive at home. Start making mental notes of those pieces that caught your attention and those that went quickly to the trash.

Direct mailing will cost you money. Any good marketing/prospecting piece requires an investment. In order to increase the likelihood of a positive return on your investment, make sure your direct mail piece efforts mirror those who have had success before you.

Keep working it!

The formula for success in real estate sales

The formula for success in this business includes meeting as many people as you can. Once you have developed a consistent way to meet people the next step is building the business relationship so that when they are ready to buy or sell, they already have your name in their mind to contact. So let’s take this one step at a time and look at how this works for successful real estate agents.

Meet people

For some meeting people is very easy. Our top producer recently made the comment at a recent awards presentation that if she had to give advice to a new agent on how to succeed, she would simply say; “let everyone know you are a real estate agent”. To some, this might sound too simplistic but the facts are if you did exactly what she suggested, odds are in your favor that you will meet people who want to ask questions or talk about your business. When new agents first join my office I task each one with a couple of simple goals. Hand your business card to 5 new people a day. Wear your name badge everywhere. Let your family, friends and neighbors know that you are now working as a real estate agent. I personally believe newer agents, and for that matter agents who have been in the business for a while but have not been successful, would be successful if they just followed that simple advice consistently.

Building business relationships

The first step is to commit to yourself that this is going to be your career and you will need customers 6 months from now, 1 year from now or 10 years from now. If you make this commitment then everyone you meet is a future customer. That is where relationship building kicks in. Unsuccessful real estate agents typically look for instant gratification. If the buyer or seller does not act in the agent’s timeline, the agent simply moves on to the next “hot” lead. Of course there is nothing wrong with giving the most attention to someone buying or selling now. The point of this discussion is to make sure you have systems in place to continually stay in contact with and maintain some type of relationship with those not ready to buy or sell now. Emails, phone calls, personal visits or direct mail all work and, regardless of the method or system, the key to success includes consistency.

Meet people + Build relationships = closed transaction.

Davenport real estate school starting in June!

Are you interested in a career in real estate but you don’t have a Florida real estate license?  Do you live in the DavenportClermont, Kissimmee, Haines City or surrounding areas?  If you do, I have great news for you!

Starting on June 19th, Watson Realty Corp will be holding a pre-license real estate school course on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm-10pm.  The course ends on July 26th.  Ellen Thunell, the Broker of the Watson Realty Corp. Championsgate office will be the instructor.  The cost to attend this course is $169.00.   No, you did not read that incorrectly, Ellen’s class can be attended for $169.00!  Seating is limited so be sure to email at to receive a registration package before there are no seats left!

Our new real estate agent training will start your career in the right direction!

If you are newly licensed or thinking of making a career change, you will find that our initial real estate agent training is second to none when it comes to providing instruction and direction that will start your career moving in the right direction.

On the first day of training our new agents  will learn about “The Watson Way” and our core values.  Representatives of Watson Mortgage, Watson Relocation, Watson Title, Watson Property Management and our Regional Director are on had to introduce their products and services.

The second day is centered on building a business and marketing plan.  We provide guidance on setting income goals and then help our agents drill down to determine just how many homes must be listed and sold in order to reach the income goals set. 

On the third day it is all about marketing and branding.  The goal is to help our agents define their brand.  We take a look at the tools and techniques that will give the newer agent more bang for their dollar. 

The last couple of days are an in-depth look at the listing process and the selling process.  Taking the customer from hello to sold!  Agents learn about preparing listing presentations, and constructing a purchase agreement.  Agents are shown online tools that they have at their disposal including Forms Simplicity and Toolkit CMA.

The training does not stop there.  Once you have finished the initial training, I have more to offer at my office.  I am going to make sure you understand how to use all of the tools that we offer to increase your business. 

If you are new to real estate in the Kissimmee or Orlando area or are simply thinking of exploring your options, contact me and I will be happy to go into more detail about our training and support systems.