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This morning’s training is on pricing listings.

This morning  I will be meeting with newer and inexperienced agents to discuss the methods they can use to help a seller determine the correct list price for their home.

We will be looking at several methods including a comparable market analysis, tax value vs real value, sold prices per square foot and marketing positioning research.

I am confident that our agents will leave the meeting with a better understanding of this portion of the listing process, which should help them secure and successfully sell their future listings.

Contact me to be part of our highly successful team in the Kissimmee Watson Realty!

Is a real estate sales career right for you?

Real estate career information

Are you recently unemployed or considering a career change? You may want to consider a career in real estate sales. A real estate career is more than just a job. If you believe you have the skills that include:

  • marketing skills
  • prospecting skills
  • social media skills
  • advertising skills
  • networking skills
  • customer service skills

A real estate career might be right for you.

Call me for real estate career information. I will be happy to discuss the real estate business and what you can expect as a real estate sales person including:

  • What can you expect to earn?
  • What costs can you expect?
  • Will you receive training?
  • Is this a good time to get into real estaet sales?

The time is right for you to begin a career in real estate, call us 407-304-0255 or 407-765-4884!

The importance of self-motivation

How do you get yourself to do things you don’t feel like doing? You know what those things are and I bet each and every one of you have said at one time or another; “tomorrow I am going to ___________ in order to get more listings or make more sales”. Unfortunately, just like New Year’s resolutions, the motivation passes long before the task has been completed. I have heard it said that motivation is just like bathing, you need it every day. We can get motivated in a variety of ways. A coach can motivate us, real estate managers can motivate us, our husband, wife, or significant other can motivate us, even a book or quote can motivate us to get going in the right direction. The challenge we encounter is that we can’t always have those outside motivators with us on a daily, minute by minute basis or when we need them the most! So what then?

We need to learn how to motivate ourselves.

Being able to self-motivate keeps successful agents moving in the right direction. It is my opinion, the key to being able to motivate oneself, starts first with understanding what motivation means. I found a definition of motivation online that I think provides a clue on why successful agents are able to motivate themselves daily. Motivation is defined as; “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way”. I believe successful agents have the reason or reasons they will succeed ingrained into their being. Nothing will stand in their way and that includes doing the things that most agents don’t want to do. Their reasons for wanting to be successful are immensely more powerful than their fear of what needs to be done to reach their goals. Are your reason or reasons that powerful?

Reexamine or identify why you want to be successful and then ask yourself, would it be ok if I failed. If the answer is yes, then you are trying to build a real estate career for the wrong reasons. It is when failure is not an option that self-motivation will be the driving force for success!

We are now providing advanced training for our Central Florida real estate agents!

This month we have started offering advanced training courses in addition to our monthly success school that we offer our new agents joining the Company.  These advanced training courses are designed for both newer and experienced agents who want to dig deeper into the proven methods real estate agents use on a daily basis to grow their business.  The courses are being taught by Central Florida leadership and several of our top agents.  These courses include the following:

Day 1

1. Advanced CMA

2. Reviewing Toolkit

3. Advanced Listing Marketing:

Day 2

1. FSBOs & Expired Listings

2. Develop and maintain your SOI & Maximize you referrals

3. Effective farming & Just listed / Just sold prospecting.

Day 3

1. Prospecting open houses & converting your leads to sales

2. Working events & networking in your community

Day 4

1. Short Sale and REO Transactions:

Objective: Defining the difference in working with buyer’s on Short Sale and REO transactions.

How to list and coordinate the short sale with short sellers.

Day 5

1. Social Networking and SEO for Agents:

Objective: Introduce prospecting SOI through the use of Facebook and other social media and

Introduction to generating leads online utilizing websites and blogs.

2. Prospecting Floor Time: Objective: Introduction to floor and how to convert lead to closings.

We are excited to be able to provide additional advanced training to our agents.  If you feel that this additional training would be beneficial to you or would like to learn more about the products and services we provide to our  agents, please contact me.

Greg Staker
Watson Realty Corp.

Using the right tools to succeed

Nearly every day one of my top producing agents will update me about a new customer they obtained from the agent’s online efforts.  It is exciting to hear about new business resulting from their utilizing Realtor.com, Trulia or personal website.

 Once every other month or so a 4th quartile producer in my office will tell me about a contact they made through some form of print media they are using.  Their update will almost always include them telling me the new contact proves that print advertising still works.

 But will it lead to success?

 The 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers completed by NAR reports that only 2% of buyers use print media when starting their home search.  2%.  The same amount of buyers who utilize the very productive “home buyer seminar”. (Insert sarcasm)

 It is important to identify and learn how to use the right tools if you wish to succeed in the real estate sales business.  With the majority of home buyers starting their home search online, an obvious tool you should be using is the internet.  You do not have to be an internet celebrity to enjoy success through your efforts.  You just need to know where buyers and sellers are and then be there.  That sounds similar to the way this business has always been done successfully, even prior to computers.

My review of the book Rhinoceros Success.

I have asked my agents to share with me motivational books that they have read and enjoyed; self-help, sales themed; you know the sort. After I finish reading the book or books they suggest, I will follow-up with a post about the book and my thoughts.

One of my newer agents suggested, Rhinoceros Success. This book, written by Scott Alexander in 1980, 122 pages long, to me has the same message or content being repeated throughout the chapters. This book was a pretty simple read.

The premise of the book as I understood it, is that business success favors those with tough skin and a can do mentality. The can do mentality comes from having the rhinoceros trait of charging head first into any endeavor you take on. Charging like a rhinoceros towards every opportunity available instead of being passive and unsure (the writer calls non-rhinoceros type persons, cows) will result in success, according to the author.

The book also discusses the common denominators for success; believing in yourself, clearly defining your goals, taking care of yourself, learning and surrounding yourself with positive people. The writer says that by, “going rhino”, 6 areas of your life will improve.

  1. Financial
  2. Work
  3. Family
  4. Physical
  5. Social
  6. Spiritual

Perhaps because of when the book was written in 1980, I did not read anything that I had not read or heard before. The rhinoceros comparisons, especially when compared to unsuccessful people or cows, were humorous. The book contained a few too many biblical references for my taste.

Going rhino is not the only path to success. Some of the most successful agents I have met during my career are soft spoken, non-rhino-esque and yet are still very effective because they have other qualities other than hard charging. I would think this book would appeal to the already aggressive personalities seeking assurance that charging full speed ahead is a recipe for success.

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When you become a real estate agent you should reintroduce yourself to your family and friends.

As I have posted many times, meeting people is the single most important element of a successful real estate career. The people you meet and talk to about real estate do not have to be strangers. One group of people that would be the easiest to talk to, and can just as easily be forgotten, is our friends and family. Many real estate agents can tell you a horror story of finding out a week, month or year later that their uncle or best friend in high school bought or sold a home without them knowing about it.

What can you do to not have this happen to you? Reintroduce yourself.

Reintroduce yourself to your family and friends

One of the first tasks I assign a new agent in my office, which may seem odd to them, is to mail out a handwritten card to their circle of friends and family. This is such an important step at my company that we provide cards to the new agents. This simple note is great way to say hello and to introduce your friends and family to their new real estate professional. Notice I said, “…their new real estate professional”? They already know and hopefully like you. People like dealing with people they know and trust so as long as you do your part and regularly remind them that you are a real estate agent, they will view you as theirs when they need one.

The note should be hand written. It should be short and sweet and include a business card. You might want to write a note similar to this:

Hi Uncle Jim,

If you have not already heard let me be the first to tell you I am now working as a full time real estate agent! The good news is I am working with a company that provides great training and education plus I can help anyone sell or buy a home anywhere in the world!

I am really excited about the future and would like it if you keep me in mind should you hear of anyone wanting to buy or sell a house.

I’ll call you in a few days to say hi.

All the best,

Mary NewAgent


It can be that simple. This note is going to people who already know you so there is really no need to cram many details into that first “professional “contact. You can share all of the exciting things you are learning about the services you provide in the follow up phone call and subsequent letters and emails.

Reintroducing yourself to your family and friends and maintaining contact with them on a professional level is a must if you want them to think of you as “their real estate agent”, otherwise you may find out, well after the fact that they never knew or forgot you were a real estate salesperson.

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