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My review of the book Rhinoceros Success.

I have asked my agents to share with me motivational books that they have read and enjoyed; self-help, sales themed; you know the sort. After I finish reading the book or books they suggest, I will follow-up with a post about the book and my thoughts.

One of my newer agents suggested, Rhinoceros Success. This book, written by Scott Alexander in 1980, 122 pages long, to me has the same message or content being repeated throughout the chapters. This book was a pretty simple read.

The premise of the book as I understood it, is that business success favors those with tough skin and a can do mentality. The can do mentality comes from having the rhinoceros trait of charging head first into any endeavor you take on. Charging like a rhinoceros towards every opportunity available instead of being passive and unsure (the writer calls non-rhinoceros type persons, cows) will result in success, according to the author.

The book also discusses the common denominators for success; believing in yourself, clearly defining your goals, taking care of yourself, learning and surrounding yourself with positive people. The writer says that by, “going rhino”, 6 areas of your life will improve.

  1. Financial
  2. Work
  3. Family
  4. Physical
  5. Social
  6. Spiritual

Perhaps because of when the book was written in 1980, I did not read anything that I had not read or heard before. The rhinoceros comparisons, especially when compared to unsuccessful people or cows, were humorous. The book contained a few too many biblical references for my taste.

Going rhino is not the only path to success. Some of the most successful agents I have met during my career are soft spoken, non-rhino-esque and yet are still very effective because they have other qualities other than hard charging. I would think this book would appeal to the already aggressive personalities seeking assurance that charging full speed ahead is a recipe for success.

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