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What do I say when buyers call about my pending listing?

Getting buyers through the front door

What do I say when buyers call about my pending listing?

An agent recently told me that a buyer called about one of their listings that is under contract. I asked the agent how they handled the call and this is the response:

She was asking about my listing that is pending, so I let her know that if she had any questions, to feel free to ask and that if they can’t get this property, I can definitely help them find what they are looking for.

The offer of helping potential buyers with any additional questions is a good response, but I suggested the agent consider a more direct approach.

Mr./Ms. Buyer, As we discussed, the specific home you called about is under contract. I will keep you updated on the status of this home and I will inform you immediately should it come back on the market. In the meantime, let’s schedule a time this weekend to go out and visit similar homes in the area that match the size and price of this home.

You might want to try a more direct approach as well when dealing with home buyers calling on listings that are no longer available.

Legendary Quality Service includes being on time for appointments

Legendary Quality Service includes being on time for appointments

I don’t like it when people are late. I don’t think I am the only one that feels this way. My frustration intensifies when the person that is late in arriving or contacting me is someone that I am counting on to provide a service.

customer service includes being on time

As a real estate broker for many, many years, I have known real estate agents that can’t seem to arrive anywhere on time. In my opinion, constantly being late is poor customer service.

They have excuses, but what they dont have is an appreciation for other people’s time. Selling real estate in a busy city like Orlando or Kissimmee comes with it’s own challenges of travel. As agents, we have to learn to adapt to these challenges. Leaving earlier than we need too or checking our GPS priot to leaving for delays and faster routes are simple ways to reduce tardiness.

Quality customer service expects you to be on time.

Staying connected. What to say when your customer is not ready to buy or sell.

stay connected with your customers

When the customer is not ready

There will be times when you meet a potential buyer or seller and the customer is not ready to move forward.  There are number of reasons why the customer has reached out to you for preliminary information but is not able to put their house on the market or purchase a home right now.

When this happens, you will want to make sure to follow up with the customer regularly using your CRM.  Once the customer has made it clear they are not ready to buy or sell,  I would suggest communicating the following:

Staying connected script

The real estate landscape will be different over the next 18 months (insert their time frame) so I will suspend my specific searching/researching for you and reestablish it again closer to your time frame for buying/selling.  With your permission, I will continue to provide you general information about the area.   In the meantime if I can be of any help at all please do not hesitate to call or email me.  I look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future.

Asking for permission to stay in touch regularly is important.  We don’t want to totally ignore them for 18 months only to discover their time frame changed and they forgot about us.

Using this simple script will help you stay in contact with and maintain a business relationship with customers not ready for your services.

Organize your contacts by how you met

Do you know how you and your customer met?

If you own a Facebook account, you have likely seen posts from one of your friends on your timeline, asking all of their Facebook friends, how they originally met.  These posts are fun and informative and provide a tip to real estate agents on how to improve their marketing efforts.

Most CRM systems allow you to add tags in order to easily search, categorize or filter your customer base.  By using a “how did we meet” tag, you will be able to develop marketing campaigns and follow up schedules that allow you to customize the message that shares your common interests.

For example, let’s say you have several contacts in your CRM that you met in high school.  When you reach out to this group, you might incorporate a message themed around one of the following suggestions.

·         Do you remember when?

·         Spotlight on a favorite teacher or class.

·         Upcoming reunion information

·         The latest school news or information

If you have several family members tagged in your CRM, your message might include:

·         Upcoming family birthdays

·         Anniversary announcements

·         Recent visits

·         Family pet photos


Your message has a better chance of being well received and read if it includes a common theme the recipient will enjoy reading.  Tagging your contact base with how you met will help you create an effective message.

Help your business by using a CRM system

We are invested in the success of our agents and that is why we are rolling out a new customer relationship management system to help our agents stay in contact with their past, present and future customers .

I want to applaud those agents that are already taking full advantage of a contact management solution. Regular contact through maintaining and using a CRM,  results in business.

I do not understand how anyone can say they are just too busy to make an effort to stay in touch with their past customers.  A CRM makes staying in touch easy and on top of that, we have a tech trainer in our office that can help agents if they are not sure how to start.

The process takes very little time but the rewards are endless!



If you are new in the business, we will write the offer for you!

watsoncares1We are happy to write the offer for our newer agents

Many new real estate agents are hesitant at the beginning of their careers simply because they do not understand the paperwork they are required to assist a buyer with, when purchasing a home.

Ellen and I offer an extensive initial training program for our new agents, however, when an agent gets started quickly, sometimes they need help before they receive their initial training.

We are there to help.

We are happy to write the offer for our newer agents.  With our use of transaction desk, we are ale to shadow the new agent’s profile and complete the offer for them and their buyer.  All they would need to get the following from the buyer; purchase price, escrow deposit amount, closing date, type of financing or will they be paying cash, do they want a home warranty. Any other terms or conditions that are important to them that are not already on the contract.

We never want our agents to miss a sale simply because they are new.

If you are a new agent and want to be part of a team that is there to support you, give us a call!

Follow up on those inquiries!

Follow up on those inquiries

I discovered a 2011 Census survey where consumers were asked what source they used to find the home they purchased. The top 3 responses for those that purchased were;

1. Talked with a REALTOR


3. Word of Mouth

The number 1 result,” talked with a REALTOR” most likely included a number of different ways the home buyer got in contact with a REALTOR originally. Floor, open house, direct mail, general internet are just a few of those potential methods of first contact. Number 2 and 3 are more specific and for purposes of this post, let’s look at number 2,

To receive calls from

• First you need listings.

• Second, you need to make sure they upload as many photos as possible, a virtual tour if available and make sure to spend time describing the home for sale. Read up on what a “call to action” is and experiment with different call to actions, measuring the results.

When the customer contacts you

I have heard some agents say that the inquiries they receive from, never respond to the agent after the agent replies to the email. I am sure there are cases where this is true. But I would challenge them to take the responsibility off the customer, and place the responsibility directly on the agent.

What do I mean by that?

Simple, don’t give up. It is the agent that repeatedly and consistently follows up with potential leads from the internet that closes more than average.

Continue to call and email them, change up your message and until they tell you to stop, don’t!

Risk management and the real estate agent

Risk management and the real estate agent

This morning I attended a risk management meeting. The speaker was a E&O insurance specialist. Right off the bat he tossed out this statistic for claims his company is involved with; 70% of the E&O claims his company receives are against real estate agents with over 7 years’ experience!

Does that surprise you?

It certainly caught me off guard. It would be reasonable to think newer agents are at higher risk of being sued, right? After his explanation and examples he provided it started making sense.

Things agents say

Ask yourself if you have said or heard an experience agents say or do something similar to the follow;

1. The roof is new.

2. This is a great deal!

3. You will love the neighbors.

4. The house has all new appliances

5. Just make offers on several homes, I’ll make sure you only buy one.

6. Yes, you can build a house here

7. The buyer said they would…

8. The seller said they will leave the…….

9. I only show homes to buyers that are prequalified.

10. I am a short sale expert.

11. Don’t make your mortgage payment.

12. Foreclosure hurts your credit score more than a short sale.

13. Short selling is better than bankruptcy.

14. Yes you can put in a pool, the neighbor has one.

15. The schools are great!

16. The schools are bad!

17. I don’t think you need a survey.

18. I don’t think you need an inspection.

19. You can have chickens here.

20. You don’t need flood insurance.

21. There are several offers on this house, I think you should offer more than list price.

22. Don’t worry about the inspection report, it looks pretty good to me.

23. I did not see anything really bad on the inspection report.

24. Let me have a contractor I know take a look at the problem.

25. I would offer $5000 more.

26. I would offer $10,000 less.

27. You don’t have to see the house to make an offer.

28. You don’t need an attorney.

29. I don’t speak your language; will your young child/family friend/complete stranger interpret for you?

30. This is a great neighborhood!

31. This is a perfect family home!

32. Sink hole inspections are too costly.

33. I have never heard of anyone getting a radon inspection.

34. That would be a waste of money if you ask me.

35. I am happy to meet the inspector at the house since you can’t be there, I’ll let you know if he finds anything bad.

36. You are paying cash, you don’t need an appraisal.

37. I have never sold a commercial property but I have always wanted to try.

38. I think the appraisal is wrong.

39. I knew I needed to get the extension, put it in writing, fill out the escrow, I just didn’t get around to it.

40. If the buyer defaults, you will get their escrow money.

It is not an issue until it is

This list could be endless. It makes sense that experienced agents have the majority of the issues. Often times out of habit they say things to buyers and sellers that never become an issue UNTIL…it does.

In our office we are fortunate that many of our seasoned experienced agents attend sales meetings where important information is discussed, but there are some experienced agents that feel they no longer need this weekly education. As a result they might miss out on important updates, new changes to the law or worthwhile conversation dealing with local sales issues and risk management situations.

The presenter made a great suggestion for Brokers wanting to protect themselves and help inform the agent body. Hold mandatory risk management meetings. Scheduling these meetings would give the Broker time to deal with the most common risk management situation Brokers face; escrow issues, and would also allow the Broker to speak on a variety of subjects encountered weekly.

I actually liked that idea and am considering offering that type of mandatory meeting at least once throughout the year.

Oviedo real estate school starts in April!

Watson Realty Corp. will be holding a Florida pre-licensing real estate school for interested persons in the Oviedo area starting on April 17 and ending with final exam, May 23.

The classes will be held in the Oviedo Watson office located at 2100 Alafaya Trail.  Class schedule is as follows:

April 17th – May 20th                          Mon, Wed, & Thurs    6PM to 10PM
Class Exam: May 23rd                             Thursday                        6PM to 9PM

Email me for a registration package.

Watson Realty Corp. agents now have a phone app available for their customers!

Watson Realty Corp. agents now have their very own mobile home search apps that can be used by their customers to search for homes in Kissimmee and the Orlando area. The home buyer wants access at their fingertips and our agents now have a tool the customer can use on their phone. Watson Realty agent app