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Watson Realty Corp. provides new associates with comprehensive, hands-on training and setup to quickly launch their careers by sharing essential skills and tools imperative to thriving in real estate.

watson success school

Let’s guide you… the Watson Way!

With Watson’s Success School program, you receive:

• Quick start to your customizable website (lead capture integrated into CRM)
• Step-by-step guide on writing autobiography and elevator pitch
• Training on creating your sphere of influence
• Training on selecting geographic prospecting area (i.e. farming)
• Watson Family of Services panel on maximizing earning potential
• Specialized start-up classes in marketing, e-business, relocation, and more
• Insight, wisdom, and open discussion with legend, Mr. William A. Watson Jr.
• Dialogue with executive leadership on market temperature, trends, and listings value
Additionally, Watson’s Training and Development Team demonstrate:
• Hosting a stellar open house
• Personal goal setting and business planning
• Prospecting, personal marketing, and branding
• Effortlessly working with buyers and sellers
• Leveraging syndication with Zillow and
• Easily navigating Watson’s paperless transaction management software
• In-depth broker lead contract review class
• Overview of Watson’s comparative market analysis presentation software
Bonus perks:
• Professional headshot
• Watson lapel pin, car magnets, jar openers, and front license plate
• Watson agent announcement cards
• Quick, sharable, and customizable social media announcements
• Watson name badge

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Day and evening real estate school classes coming soon in Kissimmee

Register for our day or evening real estate school

Once again I will be hosting 2 opportunities in my Kissimmee office to take the Florida approved 63 hour pre-licensing course.  After passing this course, you will be able to take the Florida State licensing exam in order to obtain your Florida real estate license.

Real estate school day class

Our day class will be held from July 25th to August 3rd with the class exam on August 6th.  The class will run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 6pm.

The cost of the class is $325 which includes the tuition, book, materials and pre-licensing exam.

Real estate school night class

Our night time classes will be held from September 26th to October 29th with the class exam on November 1st.  Class schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 9pm.

The cost of the class is $325 which includes the tuition, book, materials and pre-licensing exam.

If you are considering a career in real estate and are planning on taking the pre-licensing course, I would like to speak with you.  I will also be able to provide you with registration and additional information.

Greg Staker
Watson Realty Corp., Kissimmee

Our Guaranteed Sales Program provides our agents an advantage in the market place.

A tool to help you list more homes

Would a guaranteed sales program for homeowners help you list more homes?

In our area, we are seeing several non-traditional companies springing up offering to buy homes directly from the homeowner.  For many real estate agents, this is a cause for concern.  As a leader in our marketplace,   Watson Realty Corp. is providing our agents with a tool that will give them the ability to compete with these offers.

Guaranteed Sales Program

We have recently rolled out a guaranteed sales program for our agents to use as a listing tool.  Our real estate agents can offer potential sellers the peace of mind that comes with knowing, if we don’t sell your home, we will buy it.

We are providing the training our agents need to present the program and the marketing materials designed to assist them with reaching potential sellers online and through face to face contact.

Watson Realty adds value to an agents business

Would having a guaranteed sales program help you secure more listings?  We believe it will.  With listings being in short supply, we are proud to give our agents a competitive edge.

If you would like more information on the tools Watson Realty provide agents to help them build a successful career in real estate, text or call us and we will be happy to meet with you.

Greg Staker

Ellen Thunell

We are offering the 45 hour post license class for new real estate agents in our Kissimmee and Longwood offices.

Were you licensed to sell real estate in Florida within the past 18 months?  If so, you are probably aware you need to take the state required 45 hour post licensing class.

The total cost of the class is $150.00 which includes the textbook.

Class schedules are:

Friday, July 20th from 5pm to 10pm
Saturday, July 21st from 9am to 6pm
Sunday, July 22nd from 9am to 6pm
Friday, July 27th from 5pm to 10pm
Saturday, July 28th from 9am to 6pm
Sunday, July 29th from 9am to 6pm

Friday, August 17th from 5pm to 10pm
Saturday, August 18th from 9am to 6pm
Sunday, August 19th  from 9am to 6pm
Friday, August 24th from 5pm to 10pm
Saturday, August 25th from 9am to 6pm
Sunday, August 26th from 9am to 6pm

Call me for office locations.  Watson Realty Corp, Kissimmee is a leader in the market place.  If you are not having the success you expected with your current company, please call me for a confidential conversation about the tools and systems we provide to help our agents succeed.

Kissimmee 45 hour post license class

Watson School of Real Estate will be offering new real estate agents in the Kissimmee area an opportunity to complete their 45 hour post licensing class.

The classes will be held in the Kissimmee Watson real estate office.  The cost of the class will be $150.  Class times are:

Friday, February 23rd, 5pm-10pm
Saturday, February 24th,  9am-6pm
Sunday , February 25th, 9am-6pm

Friday, March 2nd, 5pm-10pm
Saturday, March 3rd, 9am-6pm
Sunday, March 4th, 9am-6pm

This morning’s training is on pricing listings.

Pricing listings training

This morning  I will be meeting with newer and inexperienced agents to discuss the methods they can use to help a seller determine the correct list price for their home.

We will be looking at several methods including a comparable market analysis, tax value vs real value, sold prices per square foot and marketing positioning research.

I am confident that our agents will leave the meeting with a better understanding of this portion of the listing process, which should help them secure and successfully sell their future listings.

Contact me to be part of our highly successful team in the Kissimmee Watson Realty!