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Our Guaranteed Sales Program provides our agents an advantage in the market place.

A tool to help you list more homes

Would a guaranteed sales program for homeowners help you list more homes?

In our area, we are seeing several non-traditional companies springing up offering to buy homes directly from the homeowner.  For many real estate agents, this is a cause for concern.  As a leader in our marketplace,   Watson Realty Corp. is providing our agents with a tool that will give them the ability to compete with these offers.

Guaranteed Sales Program

We have recently rolled out a guaranteed sales program for our agents to use as a listing tool.  Our real estate agents can offer potential sellers the peace of mind that comes with knowing, if we don’t sell your home, we will buy it.

We are providing the training our agents need to present the program and the marketing materials designed to assist them with reaching potential sellers online and through face to face contact.

Watson Realty adds value to an agents business

Would having a guaranteed sales program help you secure more listings?  We believe it will.  With listings being in short supply, we are proud to give our agents a competitive edge.

If you would like more information on the tools Watson Realty provide agents to help them build a successful career in real estate, text or call us and we will be happy to meet with you.

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A real estate career offers unlimited income potential and flexibility

Real estate career

I am delighted you are interested in a career in real estate. A real estate career offers unlimited income potential and flexibility. Our agents are provided the tools, training and education that help them achieve the successes they desire.

Your first step to an exciting career in real estate is to attend a Florida approved pre-license course. We offer classes throughout Central Florida including schools that are held in DeLand, Kissimmee, Orlando, Longwood, Clermont and Championsgate.

Our courses are often held in the evening and are priced to meet most budgets.

If you would like information on the next Florida real estate school pre-licensing course near you or additional information about an exciting career in real estate, please call at 407-304-0255.

Kissimmee real estate school starts September 9th

Are you interested in a real estate sales career?  We are offering a pre-licensing course to be held in our Watson Realty Corp. Kissimmee office on September 9th, 2015.

The class will run from September 9th to October 12th.  This will be a night class with hours of 6pm to 10pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  The cost to attend is $245, which includes textbook, class materials and final exam.

To reserve a seat, please email me for a registration package.

Do you have the basic computer skills you need as a real estate agent?

New and experienced real estate agents are encouraged to participate in the latest social media site or build an IDX blog, or create videos but the truth is many real estate agents enter the business or have enjoyed a real estate career for many years and still do not have a clear understanding of the basic computer skills required to increase the efficiency with which they operate their business.  In some cases, these basic skills are needed in order to submit contracts or write offers.

That is why we make sure that that our agents have an opportunity to receive training in office on basic computer skills.  This week for example, our tech trainer will be instructing agents on;

  • Saving a document or emailed attachment to your computer
  • Creating folders in My Documents
  • Learning how to find saved documents on your computer
  • Uploading documents/attachments to an email
  • Submitting offers electronically

While some may see these as simple tasks not worthy of a training session, the reality is real estate agents are not all on the same playing field when it comes to knowledge of computers and the Internet.

The computer is not just for surfing the web and we want to make sure our agents are aware of how to take full advantage of all the tools available to them in order for them to succeed!

Are you concentrating on the right activities?

This is going to be a very good year for many of us that list and sell real estate in the Orlando and Kissimmee area.  I am excited about the activity I am seeing and hearing about daily!  It is obvious to me that many agents are concentrating on the right activities that will increase their market share and grow their business!  They are to be applauded for keeping focused on doing the right things to succeed over and over.

How about you?  Are you having the kind of success you were expecting?  Perhaps you are a newer agent or maybe a seasoned agent and your business has stalled.  Now is the time to regain focus and ask yourself if you are concentrating on the right activities that will help you succeed!  You have an open invitation to meet with me at your convenience to examine what you have been doing so far and to discuss what you might want to start doing in order to increase your business.

So what are theses “right activities”?  In order to get back on the fast track to success, those activities should include the following.

The first activity you should be working on is in creating a data base of people you know.  After you have your lists complete, you will need to decide how you will be contacting them on a regular basis.  Who will you call? Who will receive a letter?  Who will receive an email?  A postcard?  A text?  A personal visit?

Another of the “first” activities should be making sure you have a follow-up system in place where you can add your new contacts from floor, open houses, and neighborhood visits.  Scraps of paper with numbers and names in your car’s ashtray or scattered across your desk is not a good follow-up system.  It is important early on to invest in a contact management solution or use a system similar to what my office provides out agents.

Spend as much time as you can to learn the systems that will provide fast results.  Short range activities are encouraged.  Training that is geared towards prospecting for listings, sales and outgoing referrals should be considered before learning how to grow a farm area for example.

Meet people, meet people and then when you are not sure what do to do…meet people.  Sitting in the office waiting for people to meet you works only if you are on floor.  Network constantly, knock on doors, and hold open houses, visit builders, visit apartment communities and so on.

For focused dedicated real estate professionals the business is out there.  Area buying and selling customers’ need your skill and expertise to assist them with the often complicated real estate process today’s market involves.