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ebusiness training

Does your company have an e-business department?

We do. 

The department is the first point of contact for customers inquiring on Company sponsored ads online about buying or selling a home.  Once the e-business department has made the initial contact, the customer’s contact information and their real estate needs are forwarded to an agent located in the area the customer is interested in buying or selling a home.

We provide initial and ongoing training to our agents that want to be on our e-business team and we monitor their results throughout the year.  Our goal is to provide a quick response, match the customer up with an agent best suited to assist them to satisfy their real estate needs with a successful closing.   

Close more sales. You say it best, when you say nothing at all.

Know when to stop talking

know when to stop talking

In our experience, a difficult skill set to master is the ability to stop talking.  It is something we must consciously work on.  In our opinion, we are not the only real estate agent that could use improvement in this area.

Salespeople love to talk.  But there comes a time, when we must stop talking.  We need to stop talking so that:

  • The customer can reflect on the information we just provided.  
  • The customer can ask questions.
  • The customer can say, yes.

We also need to stop talking so that we can improve another part of our technique, our listening skills.  It is by listening to the customer’s comments, questions and objections, that we can determine the correct path to satisfying the customers’ needs and goals.