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Davenport real estate school starting in June!

Are you interested in a career in real estate but you don’t have a Florida real estate license?  Do you live in the DavenportClermont, Kissimmee, Haines City or surrounding areas?  If you do, I have great news for you!

Starting on June 19th, Watson Realty Corp will be holding a pre-license real estate school course on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm-10pm.  The course ends on July 26th.  Ellen Thunell, the Broker of the Watson Realty Corp. Championsgate office will be the instructor.  The cost to attend this course is $169.00.   No, you did not read that incorrectly, Ellen’s class can be attended for $169.00!  Seating is limited so be sure to email at to receive a registration package before there are no seats left!

Our new real estate agent training will start your career in the right direction!

If you are newly licensed or thinking of making a career change, you will find that our initial real estate agent training is second to none when it comes to providing instruction and direction that will start your career moving in the right direction.

On the first day of training our new agents  will learn about “The Watson Way” and our core values.  Representatives of Watson Mortgage, Watson Relocation, Watson Title, Watson Property Management and our Regional Director are on had to introduce their products and services.

The second day is centered on building a business and marketing plan.  We provide guidance on setting income goals and then help our agents drill down to determine just how many homes must be listed and sold in order to reach the income goals set. 

On the third day it is all about marketing and branding.  The goal is to help our agents define their brand.  We take a look at the tools and techniques that will give the newer agent more bang for their dollar. 

The last couple of days are an in-depth look at the listing process and the selling process.  Taking the customer from hello to sold!  Agents learn about preparing listing presentations, and constructing a purchase agreement.  Agents are shown online tools that they have at their disposal including Forms Simplicity and Toolkit CMA.

The training does not stop there.  Once you have finished the initial training, I have more to offer at my office.  I am going to make sure you understand how to use all of the tools that we offer to increase your business. 

If you are new to real estate in the Kissimmee or Orlando area or are simply thinking of exploring your options, contact me and I will be happy to go into more detail about our training and support systems.

Blog about where people can find things

Real estate agents are not typically “best selling” authors so trying to write a blog post on a regular basis can be challenging. We all know the ins and outs of working a short sale transaction, but typing what we know in a blog post so that it would be easy to understand and useful to someone in our community is a daunting task.

You may want to try writing about something else. People go to the internet to find things, places, or events in their community. These are the same things, places or events that you already go to or have found.

  • Where can you get take out Chinese?
  • Where can I find a cheap used car?
  • Where can I find a clothing donation drop off box?

Those are 3 examples that showed at the top of my Google search when I typed in; “Where can I find Kissimmee”. It just so happens I know where there is good Chinese take out in the area, I know a couple of honest reliable used car salesmen in the area and I can point you to 2 or 3 different drop off locations for your donations.

With this local information, I can write a short, informative blog post that others will find useful. I’ll provide directions, perhaps post a picture or two, offer a review and anything else that matters to me, because there is a good chance it will matter to the reader of my post as well.

“Helping people find things” blog posts are a good way to brand you as a real estate agent who knows the local community. Over time people who visit your blog will see you as a great source of information, not only about where to find things, but about the community in general, including the real estate market. The next time you are stuck on what to write, give this a try. I think you will find that sharing of this type of information is much easier to put on paper.

Not following the rules is a sure fire way to get a bad name.

We received an email from a local broker chastising our agent for reporting to the MLS a rules violation that the listing agent failed to acknowledge or correct, after we brought it to their attention. The listing agent felt our agent, being new, should be aware that reporting the error to the MLS would result in receiving a “bad name within the Real Estate industry”.


A bad name in this industry does not come from following the rules or insisting that others do so. A bad name comes from thinking you are somehow exempt from following the same rules as everyone else. In our area, an offer that goes to contract must be reported as pending. Some agents try and spin it another way to self-serve their interests of keeping the property active. Shame on those agents choosing to not follow rules and then trying and intimidate those who do.

Top 10 things real estate agents should never say while their client is in the car with them.

10.  Would you take the wheel while I answer the text message I just received?

09.  I’m a little short this week, will you spring for gas?

08.  At least my real estate license is not suspended.

07.  If we get pulled over I will need you to jump over to the driver side.

06.  Sorry I was late meeting you, the shots were flowing freely at lunch today.

05.  I showed these same houses to a buyer last week so I made sure to bring bug spray today.

04.  I need to be done by 4 in order to make it to my restaurant job on time.

03. Yeah the muffler fell off but you get used to the noise after awhile.

02. When we turn right I am going to need you to stick your arm out the window and signal.

And the number 1 thing you should never say while your client is in the car with you…

  1. The smeller is the feller.

8 annoying things real estate agents say

8 annoying things real estate agents say.

  1. Telling me how long they have been in the business, especially when the length of time they have been an agent has no bearing on what we are discussing.
  2. The real estate market is unbelievable.  Whoever came up with that as a response when asked about the market during tough times should never have anything they say believed again.
  3. You need to get your buyer/seller under control.  What would you like me to do, spank them or make then go sit in a corner?
  4. Buyers are liars.  No, you are just terrible at qualifying.
  5. List to last.  We just experienced record breaking inventory levels and a lot of Realtors did not last.
  6. How low will your seller go?  I hope you are asking about their limbo skills.
  7. It is ok, we do this all the time.  Uh huh, that makes me feel better.
  8. This home won’t last.  I usually read this in MLS comments of a home that has been on the market for 1500 days.


Photo credit by Barely Fitz Patrick Fitzgerald

HUD offers training for agents interested in selling HUD homes

Learn how to sell HUD Homes Successfully!

HUD is offering training for real estate agents interested in learning the ins and outs of selling a HUD home.

Florida agents have an opportunity to attend a free seminar in Pensacola on March 19th.  More information

Ohio real estate agents can attend a a training session and earn CE credit on March 24th. More information

Don’t let the work get in the way of selling a house.

Someone once said that you could walk into a real estate office anywhere in the world and it would be nearly impossible to pick out the successful agent from the unsuccessful one. When agents are in the office, for the most part they usually appear to be busy. So what is the difference then between looking busy and being busy with sales? The truly successful agents do not let their busy work get in the way of selling houses.

· Successful agents have websites and blogs but would not be found with their eyes fixed on their computer screen morning, noon and night. They know that Internet marketing is another tool they can take advantage of to increase their business but should not be considered the only tool.
· Successful agents are not spending hours in the office day in and day out researching the market or a farm area, making big plans and even bigger plans. They understand that implementing the plan is extremely more important that making one and spend their time accordingly.
· Successful agents are not spending time trying to build a better mousetrap because they understand that it makes more sense to use their efforts to increase the amount of mice traffic visiting their existing tried and true mousetrap.

Don’t let the work get in the way of you selling houses. If you are not spending the majority of your time in front of a buyer or a seller, you are going about this business the wrong way. Re-examine your systems and get rid of the work that accomplishes absolutely nothing.

Make sure to stay in contact with your sellers

An all to frequent complaint of home sellers is their real estate agent took the listing, placed a sign in their yard and then was never heard from again.

Communication is an important ingredient of making sure a home sells within a reasonable time period and for a fair price. There are several reasons an agent would need to contact and communicate with their seller weekly.

A weekly call to the seller if just to say hello can be reassuring to a homeowner especially in today’s market, knowing the you still have them and their home in mind will help ease the stress associated with such a huge undertaking.

Within the first 1-3 weeks you will want to let the seller know what advertisement and marketing has been started. A seller needs to feel comfortable that your marketing plan is getting into full swing in order to attract a buyer.

Feedback from past viewings of the seller’s home is critical and should be immediately delivered to any homeowner serious about selling their home.

  • What did the potential buyer and/or visiting agents think were the good points of the home?
  • What were the bad points?
  • What did the potential buyer and real estate agent think of the price?
  • Why did the potential buyer not make an offer on the home?

As the listing agent you will want to discuss all feedback, good and bad, with the seller to make sure the seller is aware of how their home is viewed as to pricing and condition by potential buyers.

Open and constant communication between a real estate agent and their customer should be a given.  Developing a plan that keeps open communication between your seller and you will lead to your success.