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In today’s real estate market, more is more.

One of the keys to not only surviving but enjoying the success other real estate agents are missing is to understand that now more than ever before, more is more.

Those agents who have an ability to generate leads and lots of them, are not fairing as badly as their counterparts in the business.  The ability to consistently generate leads is a skill set most sales people never learn.   So what is their secret?  These top producing real estate agents understand that to have more leads they need to do more lead generating activities.

  • More open houses
  • More center of influence contacts
  • More calling of expired and FSBO
  • More price reductions
  • More internet marketing
  • More door knocking
  • More money making prospecting and marketing efforts, period

The agents who are making the sales today understand that in this real estate market they need to have lots of irons in the fire.  “Being there” is more important than ever before.   Open houses may not always produce contacts and leads but NOT holding a home open guarantees that you will never pick up a buyer or seller lead.  This same principle applies to each and every marketing/prospecting avenue available to real estate agents.

Do what it takes to generate leads and you will excel, even when others fail.

Wearing a name badge can increase your real estate sales

Most agents who have been in this business for any length of time will tell you that they have picked up buyers and sellers simply because the agent was wearing a name badge when out in public.  The perspective customer noticed the logo of a real estate company and since they were been looking/thinking/wondering about buying or selling a home, the agent ended up meeting a  new client.

There are some agents, however, that do not believe that the wearing of a name badge is fitting of our profession.  They are quick to direct you to the fact that we are professionals and well, other professionals such as doctors and lawyers do not wear name badges, so we shouldn’t either.

That seem to be a valid reason, we do want to put on the best professional image we can, right?  If the professional doctor or lawyer believes wearing a name badge is “unprofessional”, who are we not to follow suit.


We-e-e-l-l-l-l-l-l, there is a bit of a difference between a doctor/lawyer and a real estate professional.  What is the difference?  WE ARE SALES PEOPLE!  They are not.  At the end of the day, we get paid for selling a product, the product being the home or property. 

Sure we provide consultation services, we act as a trusted advisor, yes, we provide information that allows the customer to make their own informed decision but when all is said and done they pay us because of a house or property we sell.

If you need help in seeing the value of wearing a name badge you might want to think of them in this regard.  Think of your name tag as nothing more than running adwords online.  The customer comes across your site (in this case, you in the flesh) and catches a glimpse of your adword (the badge), if  they are in the market they may do the real-time version of clicking on the ad which is approaching you and engaging you in a conversation.  Isn’t that what we want them to do?

Your name tag acts like an adword.  Wearing it when out an about on errands or shopping will put you in front of eyes that might never have met you otherwise.  If it results in one more deal a year, wasn’t it worth wearing?  Slap it on and wear it proudly.  If you are too embarrassed to wear a name badge you are probably in the wrong profession.