Do you have the basic computer skills you need as a real estate agent?

New and experienced real estate agents are encouraged to participate in the latest social media site or build an IDX blog, or create videos but the truth is many real estate agents enter the business or have enjoyed a real estate career for many years and still do not have a clear understanding of the basic computer skills required to increase the efficiency with which they operate their business.  In some cases, these basic skills are needed in order to submit contracts or write offers.

That is why we make sure that that our agents have an opportunity to receive training in office on basic computer skills.  This week for example, our tech trainer will be instructing agents on;

  • Saving a document or emailed attachment to your computer
  • Creating folders in My Documents
  • Learning how to find saved documents on your computer
  • Uploading documents/attachments to an email
  • Submitting offers electronically

While some may see these as simple tasks not worthy of a training session, the reality is real estate agents are not all on the same playing field when it comes to knowledge of computers and the Internet.

The computer is not just for surfing the web and we want to make sure our agents are aware of how to take full advantage of all the tools available to them in order for them to succeed!

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