Does anyone dress for success anymore? Do your customers even care?

It was 1975 when the book, Dress for Success, was first published. The book detailed the impact your choice of clothing would have on your professional and personal life. Does it matter today how you as a real estate agent dress when meeting with your customers and especially when meeting customers for the first time?

In my company our agents still adhere to the dress for success belief. We believe the way we dress helps us achieve our goal of putting forth the highest professional image. We believe our dress should exceed our customer’s expectations. Our dress code ideas are not shared by many of our competitors. The dress code of real estate agents in the Florida market stretches from shorts to suits.

Does your dress matter to the customer? is a site that discusses skills needed for a successful career. In the Making a Good First Impression article, the author notes that it takes but a quick glance when you meet someone for the first time for them to evaluate you. This first impression is based on several things the person notices about you, including your appearance. Will the customer have a different initial opinion of you if you meet them for the first time in dress shoes versus sandals? It would be reasonable to think so.

I believe the first meeting and subsequent meetings with a customer are similar to a job interview with follow-up interviews. Common sense tells us to dress your best when going to an interview for a job you really want. Of course how dressed up, will depend on the position you are applying for. As professional real estate salespeople we often hear that we help people with the most expensive purchase they will make in their lifetime. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty serious job and one that calls for more than a casual attitude or attire.

Business conservative dress

Fashions and styles vary across the country. For a real estate agent, dressing for success would include men wearing; dress shoes, pressed slacks, a long sleeved dress short and a nice tie. Women would want to consider; a business styled pantsuit, skirt, blouse and jacket.

Does this mean you won’t sell a house unless you are dressed business conservative? No. But if it helps you sell one more house or take one more listing, when up against the competition, wouldn’t it be worth it? We think so and that is why you will usually find us out-dressing our competitors.

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