Follow up on those inquiries!

Follow up on those inquiries

I discovered a 2011 Census survey where consumers were asked what source they used to find the home they purchased. The top 3 responses for those that purchased were;

1. Talked with a REALTOR


3. Word of Mouth

The number 1 result,” talked with a REALTOR” most likely included a number of different ways the home buyer got in contact with a REALTOR originally. Floor, open house, direct mail, general internet are just a few of those potential methods of first contact. Number 2 and 3 are more specific and for purposes of this post, let’s look at number 2,

To receive calls from

• First you need listings.

• Second, you need to make sure they upload as many photos as possible, a virtual tour if available and make sure to spend time describing the home for sale. Read up on what a “call to action” is and experiment with different call to actions, measuring the results.

When the customer contacts you

I have heard some agents say that the inquiries they receive from, never respond to the agent after the agent replies to the email. I am sure there are cases where this is true. But I would challenge them to take the responsibility off the customer, and place the responsibility directly on the agent.

What do I mean by that?

Simple, don’t give up. It is the agent that repeatedly and consistently follows up with potential leads from the internet that closes more than average.

Continue to call and email them, change up your message and until they tell you to stop, don’t!

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