If it were easy everyone would do it

By now most of those who were playing in real estate sales are gone, driven out by their inability to pay MLS or board dues, 4th quartile reductions or they realized that selling real estate is not the right profession for them. For those agents who still are still lingering around hoping that a sale will magically appear at their part time job or because they have come to believe that if you think positively, positive things will happen regardless if you help yourself or not, will no doubt be gone by the end of 2009.

For the rest of us, we are doing what we have always done.

  1. Operating our business as a business. If it is not a moneymaking opportunity, we are not spending money on it. Cost containment is not just a buzzword for the large corporations but a reality we are all facing as we strive to keep our business running during these tough economic times. Reducing or eliminating unnecessary costs is a must if we want to survive the downturn.
  2. Putting us in the path of buyers and sellers. Our success is based on the number of people we connect with, communicate with and assist with their real estate needs. Increasing the numbers of people we meet is critical if we want to succeed. This may mean we have to dust off and start using old standbys that put us where buyers and sellers are, floor duty, open houses, neighborhood canvassing and farming. It also means we need to explore the new avenues available that will help us connect with the buying and selling public; blogging, personal websites and online lead generation systems.
  3. Improve, update, educate. Now is the perfect time to re-examine our skill set. The current market requires that we quickly get up to speed in order to sell REO’s, short sales, or HUD home. We are taking advantage of board sponsored education and online training available that is geared towards increasing our knowledge and professionalism.

The real estate business was never about being easy. Those who continue to be successful know that the business is about being smart, industrious and being able to adapt to what is available. That is the key to continued success.

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