If you were really working wouldn’t you be earning an income?

Most people would think it crazy to work for nothing. Surely no one in their right mind would work day after day for zero compensation. Unfortunately, there are real estate agents going to their offices ever day, working and yet their efforts result in little or no income. Are you one of those agents?

Are you really working?

If you are not earning an income as a real estate salesperson it may be time to evaluate the work you are doing. Is the work you are doing profitable? Is it the kind of work that successful agents engage in? Here is an example of what might appear to be incoming producing work that often times isn’t.

  • Going into the office daily

Do not let yourself become confused that simply rolling out of bed, putting on your best business attire and driving into the office with the intentions of staying there all day is working. By the end of the day you may feel like you put in a hard day’s work but at the end of the week you will not have anything to show for it.

The majority of real estate offices and companies that I know of do not pay their agents for the hours they spend in the office. There are no time cards that are punched when an agent arrives and leaves the office. Just showing up at the office will not earn you a living.

Ask yourself the following questions about your day in the office and if you find your answers to be yes, it is time for you to admit that you have not really been working at all and make the necessary changes.

• During the course of the day’s work, do you speak with more agents than customers?

• Do you spend hours online playing internet games?

• Do you start your day without a written plan of action?

• Do you find yourself staring at your phone waiting for it to ring or refreshing your email account looking for a new message?

• Are you always in a preparing, getting ready or thinking about making changes mode?

It is your choice. Continue to work the same way you always have and you will receive the same pay. If there has been no pay, I suspect you’ve really not been working.

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