Listen and then give the customer what they want.

This was the advice given during a recent sales meeting by agents who are achieving a level of success this year above what their counterparts are experiencing.  So what does this mean?  I believe it includes the following.


  • What is their motivation for buying/selling?
  • What is the time frame they expect this to happen?
  • What have they heard about current market conditions and how does this influence their thought process?
  • What has been their experience with buying/selling a home in the past?  What did they like? Dislike?
  • What don’t they want to hear?
  • Who makes the decision?  Who do they need to consult with before signing a contract?
  • Why did they contact you or decide to use your services?

Give the customer what they want

  • As a buyer they want the best value available.
  • As a seller they want the most money in the fastest amount of time.
  • They want your patience and understanding when they are nervous, confused, or seeking more information.
  • They want to know up front what buying a house will cost them or how much they can expect to receive from selling their home.
  • They expect you to update them continuously during the transaction.
  • They expect you to be more concerned with their complete satisfaction than you are about getting paid.
  • They want you to speak politely and professional to them even when they are upset or tense.

Ask yourself, if you are successfully meeting people but not closing transactions are you failing to listen or provide the customer what they want?  There are steps you can take to improve your listening and customer service skills.

  •  Shadow an agent in your office who is doing well and pay close attention to their manner and style when discussing real estate with a potential customer. 
  • Ask your manager of another agent to listen and observe you when you are on floor, at an open house of in front of a customer.  Then ask them to give you an honest review of how you did and have them include helpful critique and suggestions.

The customer will tell you what it is they want in order to work with you; you just need to hear them.

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