Phoenix Association Provides Space for Real Estate Tech Tank

The Phoenix Association is providing space in their association building for anyone interested to participate in a RETT or Real Estate Tech Tank.  A RETT offers a co-working environment where people can come as go as they please to share information on a variety of tech topics important to a real estate agent and their day to day activities.  Experts and beginners can share what they know about SEO, blogging, or the latest tech tool available.

It would seem to me that participating in a RETT would be a relaxed and fun way to learn about technology as it related to our real estate careers.  With so many people trying to sell us the latest and newest tech gadget, having an opportunity to share thoughts and compare notes on products and systems available with others in our business should prove to be very beneficial. 

Here is a video that features members of the PAR discussing RETT.

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