4 qualities of most successful real estate agents

Qualities of most successful real estate agents

There are a number of prospecting and marketing systems that successful real estate agents use to build and grown their business. From the back to the basics as old school door knocking to the internet and social media. The system the agent chooses is a personal choice based on the individual’s personality or skill set. Aside from systems and tools, there are similar qualities common to most successful real estate agents.

They enjoy helping with people

It would seem to be a no brainer but we all have met the “sales person” who just doesn’t seem to like people. They do not have the helping people attitude needed for the real estate sales career. On the other hand, the majority of successful agents love helping people. Having the desire to help people builds lasting careers and relationships that are the cornerstone of their business.

They are not afraid of hard work

The founder of our company has often said one of the secrets to succeeding in real estate is to work a half days. He would follow up by saying which 12 hours you chose to work was up to you. I chuckle every time I hear that but that is a quality that top agents have. They attend training and office meetings, they take buyers out on showings, they prepare and attend a number of listing appointments, they hold open houses, they meet inspectors, appraisers, repairmen, they attend closings all while maintaining a balanced personal life. This is not a career for a lazy person and few survive for long in this business if they are not willing to put in the time and work.

They are not afraid to shut up and listen

Successful agents can be great speakers or presenters but they know that real success comes from their listening skills. Hearing and understanding what the customer is saying is a key component to making sure the agent is providing what the customer wants. Professional agents never stop qualifying their buyer or seller by listening to their needs from the beginning and then making sure to listen for changes to their needs throughout the business relationship.

They can quiet the noise

Strong agents maintain a positive control over their emotions and thoughts. They encounter the same amount of negative people willing to tell them why they won’t succeed. They fight through or block out the noise that surrounds them hell bent on helping them fail at their career. They are able to keep quiet the unproductive noise that surrounds them. Keeping a positive outlook based on positive efforts take them further up the ladder of success.

Do you have some of these same qualities? If so, a real estate career might just be right for you.

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