Real estate floor call script short version

Real estate floor call script

Customer: I drove by/saw an ad/ heard about a house for sale on 111 Main Street and was would like to know the price?

Agent: Ok, that was 111 Main Street and who am I speaking with?

Customer: This is Mr. Just Looking.

Agent: Thank you Mr. Looking for calling our office. I am going to gather all of the available information for this home. This will take several minutes so instead having you remain on hold I will call you right back with 30 minutes. What is the best number to reach you?

The Goal

This script is focused on getting the main information from the potential buyer;

  • why they have called,
  • who are they
  • how can you reach them

Arranging to call them back within 30 minutes will allow you to also look for other property in the area of 111 Main St. in case the price of the home they called on is too high or the home is to big/small.

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