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Just popping by to say hello – real estate marketing

Just popping by to say hello. Real Estate Marketing

real estate marketing

We have provided our Kissimmee agents with what we think is a cute little marketing piece for our agents to use to reach out to their past customers, family, friends or neighbors.

Inside the package we have a bag of microwave popcorn and another card reminding them that we can assist them or anyone they know with the purchase or selling of their home

It is an old idea and to some it may be to corny.  That is a fair response.  But I do believe it is better than doing nothing.


The importance of self-motivation


How do you get yourself to do things you don’t feel like doing?

You know what those things are and I bet each and every one of you have said at one time or another; “tomorrow I am going to ___________ in order to get more listings or make more sales”.

Unfortunately, just like New Year’s resolutions, the motivation passes long before the task has been completed. I have heard it said that motivation is just like bathing, you need it every day.

We can get motivated in a variety of ways. A coach can motivate us, real estate managers can motivate us, our husband, wife, or significant other can motivate us, even a book or quote can motivate us to get going in the right direction. The challenge we encounter is that we can’t always have those outside motivators with us on a daily, minute by minute basis or when we need them the most! So what then?

We need to learn how to motivate ourselves.

Being able to self-motivate keeps successful agents moving in the right direction. It is my opinion, the key to being able to motivate oneself, starts first with understanding what motivation means. I found a definition of motivation online that I think provides a clue on why successful agents are able to motivate themselves daily. Motivation is defined as; “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way”. I believe successful agents have the reason or reasons they will succeed ingrained into their being. Nothing will stand in their way and that includes doing the things that most agents don’t want to do. Their reasons for wanting to be successful are immensely more powerful than their fear of what needs to be done to reach their goals. Are your reason or reasons that powerful?

Reexamine or identify why you want to be successful and then ask yourself, would it be ok if I failed. If the answer is yes, then you are trying to build a real estate career for the wrong reasons. It is when failure is not an option that self-motivation will be the driving force for success!

4 qualities of most successful real estate agents

Qualities of most successful real estate agents

There are a number of prospecting and marketing systems that successful real estate agents use to build and grown their business. From the back to the basics as old school door knocking to the internet and social media. The system the agent chooses is a personal choice based on the individual’s personality or skill set. Aside from systems and tools, there are similar qualities common to most successful real estate agents.

They enjoy helping with people

It would seem to be a no brainer but we all have met the “sales person” who just doesn’t seem to like people. They do not have the helping people attitude needed for the real estate sales career. On the other hand, the majority of successful agents love helping people. Having the desire to help people builds lasting careers and relationships that are the cornerstone of their business.

They are not afraid of hard work

The founder of our company has often said one of the secrets to succeeding in real estate is to work a half days. He would follow up by saying which 12 hours you chose to work was up to you. I chuckle every time I hear that but that is a quality that top agents have. They attend training and office meetings, they take buyers out on showings, they prepare and attend a number of listing appointments, they hold open houses, they meet inspectors, appraisers, repairmen, they attend closings all while maintaining a balanced personal life. This is not a career for a lazy person and few survive for long in this business if they are not willing to put in the time and work.

They are not afraid to shut up and listen

Successful agents can be great speakers or presenters but they know that real success comes from their listening skills. Hearing and understanding what the customer is saying is a key component to making sure the agent is providing what the customer wants. Professional agents never stop qualifying their buyer or seller by listening to their needs from the beginning and then making sure to listen for changes to their needs throughout the business relationship.

They can quiet the noise

Strong agents maintain a positive control over their emotions and thoughts. They encounter the same amount of negative people willing to tell them why they won’t succeed. They fight through or block out the noise that surrounds them hell bent on helping them fail at their career. They are able to keep quiet the unproductive noise that surrounds them. Keeping a positive outlook based on positive efforts take them further up the ladder of success.

Do you have some of these same qualities? If so, a real estate career might just be right for you.

Do you have the basic computer skills you need as a real estate agent?

New and experienced real estate agents are encouraged to participate in the latest social media site or build an IDX blog, or create videos but the truth is many real estate agents enter the business or have enjoyed a real estate career for many years and still do not have a clear understanding of the basic computer skills required to increase the efficiency with which they operate their business.  In some cases, these basic skills are needed in order to submit contracts or write offers.

That is why we make sure that that our agents have an opportunity to receive training in office on basic computer skills.  This week for example, our tech trainer will be instructing agents on;

  • Saving a document or emailed attachment to your computer
  • Creating folders in My Documents
  • Learning how to find saved documents on your computer
  • Uploading documents/attachments to an email
  • Submitting offers electronically

While some may see these as simple tasks not worthy of a training session, the reality is real estate agents are not all on the same playing field when it comes to knowledge of computers and the Internet.

The computer is not just for surfing the web and we want to make sure our agents are aware of how to take full advantage of all the tools available to them in order for them to succeed!

Are you concentrating on the right activities?

This is going to be a very good year for many of us that list and sell real estate in the Orlando and Kissimmee area.  I am excited about the activity I am seeing and hearing about daily!  It is obvious to me that many agents are concentrating on the right activities that will increase their market share and grow their business!  They are to be applauded for keeping focused on doing the right things to succeed over and over.

How about you?  Are you having the kind of success you were expecting?  Perhaps you are a newer agent or maybe a seasoned agent and your business has stalled.  Now is the time to regain focus and ask yourself if you are concentrating on the right activities that will help you succeed!  You have an open invitation to meet with me at your convenience to examine what you have been doing so far and to discuss what you might want to start doing in order to increase your business.

So what are theses “right activities”?  In order to get back on the fast track to success, those activities should include the following.

The first activity you should be working on is in creating a data base of people you know.  After you have your lists complete, you will need to decide how you will be contacting them on a regular basis.  Who will you call? Who will receive a letter?  Who will receive an email?  A postcard?  A text?  A personal visit?

Another of the “first” activities should be making sure you have a follow-up system in place where you can add your new contacts from floor, open houses, and neighborhood visits.  Scraps of paper with numbers and names in your car’s ashtray or scattered across your desk is not a good follow-up system.  It is important early on to invest in a contact management solution or use a system similar to what my office provides out agents.

Spend as much time as you can to learn the systems that will provide fast results.  Short range activities are encouraged.  Training that is geared towards prospecting for listings, sales and outgoing referrals should be considered before learning how to grow a farm area for example.

Meet people, meet people and then when you are not sure what do to do…meet people.  Sitting in the office waiting for people to meet you works only if you are on floor.  Network constantly, knock on doors, and hold open houses, visit builders, visit apartment communities and so on.

For focused dedicated real estate professionals the business is out there.  Area buying and selling customers’ need your skill and expertise to assist them with the often complicated real estate process today’s market involves.

Why are you refusing to use a contact management system?

Why are you refusing to use a contact management system?

Yes this is directed to you. Over the past several months we have heard success story after success story of how our agents are benefiting from their using the Watson Connect contact management system and yet many agents have past customers and potential business from their COI still stuck away in a notebook or on index cards and rarely hearing from them, if at all.

Stop it!

Year after year agents try and reinvent the wheel, all the while ignoring potential business simply because they have no system in place to stay in contact with their sphere of influence or past customers.

It would seem to be a no brain-er!

There are many systems available similar to what we provide our agents here. They are easy to use and for those agents who are not comfortable, here in my office we have a tech trainer available to help get you started!

So please, please do yourself a favor and start loading your contacts into contact management solution. You can thank me later!

Don’t forget to ask for the outgoing referral!

Every week I ask my agents to turn in at least 1 outgoing referral. Each time I see that an agent has placed one with our Relocation Department, I am happy. The process of locating and sending in an outgoing referral will ultimately make you, the agent, happy too! Just think of how many past customers and dear friends you will get to say hello to and catch up with?

I imagine the conversation starting something like this….

“Hi Mary, this is Sue. How have you been?

(At this point you will probably have a lengthy conversation about life, family, remember when stories, etc)

After 30 minute to an hour of chit-chatting and just before hanging up…you might say something along the lines of…..

“Oh before I forget, the owner of my Company has personally asked me to see if my friends or family know of anyone moving anywhere outside of my market area. Do you know of anyone moving within the next few months?”


There you have it.

A great conversation may end up with a pay check down the road, and your friend or family member helped, which would be another good reason to call them back again!

What are you waiting for? Make those calls!

Real estate agents need to have and use a contact management system.

Why is it that some real estate agents struggle year after year unsure where their next lead is coming from while others seems to have an endless supply of business? There are a variety of reasons of course but none more important that an agent’s ability to prospect and stay in touch with their customer base and center of influence. Don’t be the agent that is always trying to reinvent the wheel before learning how to use the wheel that is already in existence.

“The only way to predict the future is to create it.”

I do not recall who said this but that is exactly what your using a contact management system will help you do with your business. By keeping in regular contact with everyone you know or have come in contact with, you will be creating future business!

My company has provided an easy to use system that is designed to help our agents succeed. We ask that our agents take advantage of it! For those who have not been using the system nor are not sure how to start, we have a tech trainer that provides individual assistance to get them started.

I have ask all floor agents to set up their contact management accounts as soon as possible in order to qualify for floor duty. I feel that strongly about the power of this tool. At our last sales meeting I heard from 3 of our top agents about the power of using the system!

Real estate agents need to have and use a contact management system if they are determined to outlast and outsell the competition.

What did the buyer/seller say they want to do?

All to often an agent will approach their manager with details about a real estate transaction that has encounter a situation or problem. 

Perhaps the appraisal came in low, or the inspection report revealed a problem or the closing is going to be delayed for any number of reasons.  The agent may say that they have been talking about whatever “it” is with the listing or co-op agent, and now they wonder what is the best way to handle whatever “it” is.

The first response should always be “What did the buyer/seller say they want to do?”  It is amazing how many times the agent have not first called and ask the customer how they would like the situation handled.

As long as what the customer wants to do is not illegal, immoral or unethical, do that.