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This morning’s training is on pricing listings.

Pricing listings training

This morning  I will be meeting with newer and inexperienced agents to discuss the methods they can use to help a seller determine the correct list price for their home.

We will be looking at several methods including a comparable market analysis, tax value vs real value, sold prices per square foot and marketing positioning research.

I am confident that our agents will leave the meeting with a better understanding of this portion of the listing process, which should help them secure and successfully sell their future listings.

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Learn and Earn

I recently had an opportunity to work with a group of agents who were interested in learning about selling HUD homes.  These agents had explained to me that in years past they were encouraged to refer out customers who were interested in purchasing a HUD homes to other real estate companies or brokers who understood the process of selling HUD homes.  After picking my jaw up off the floor I asked if they knew why they were given this instruction and basically the answer came down to the belief that selling HUD homes was a complicated process that required a tremendous amount of paperwork.

Together we took the time to visit HUD’s website.  We reviewed the contract and addendums required.  We talked about the issues that could arise and how to handle them.  We studied an online listing of a HUD home in their market area, analyzing the type of financing the home would qualify for, what the property condition report indicated and examined the online bidding process.

The training these agents received made it clear that the process of selling a HUD homes was well within their expertise and understanding.  The failure to understand the process and belief that they were better off referring a HUD deal off to someone else was replaced by an excitement and eagerness to add one more tool to further their career goals.

That is a major key to a successful real estate career, the desire and ability to learn all there is to know about the profession.  Taking the time to learn about selling HUD homes or taking the time to learn about selling short sales or bank owned properties equals success.  Simply accepting another’s opinion of what you can and cannot do will lead to mediocrity or failure.

Do you want to be a successful real estate agent?  Learn and earn.

You don’t have to go it alone

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You just passed your pre-license class and your State licensing exam and are now legally qualified to begin a career as a professional real estate agent. 

Now what?

The beauty of your new found profession is that you do not have to go it alone.  The real estate sales field is structured with numerous support systems, available training and continuing education opportunities.  Successful agents learn early on to take advantage of all the help, training and education they can throughout their career.

  • The office management team.  The real estate office you join will most likely have a management team in place that are there to assist you.  Your broker and/or sales manager are available around the clock to help answer your questions or provide you with direction.  In many offices the Broker provides some form of ‘new agent’ training to help brand new agents get a running start.  Additionally your office sales manager will no doubt provide regular ongoing in-office training covering a variety of subjects.
  • Your local and state association of Realtors.  Being a Realtor comes with many benefits including the organized efforts of your local association.  Realtor associations throughout the country offer their membership relevant, informative and professional training and education.  Early on in your career you should contact your local and state boards and find out about upcoming training and educational seminars being offered and take advantage of these opportunities to increase you skill set and knowledge.

Of course the available training does not end with the examples mentioned above.  There are designations you can earn including GRI and CRS that provide a wealth of knowledge to those who enroll in those courses,  you have access to hundreds of DVD’s and books covering a myriad of real estate related sales topics that were written and created by the very best professional speakers, coaches and motivators in the business.  And finally you have the free flowing and endless supply of cutting edge information found online.  Social media sites, blogs and websites built to assist agents of all experienced levels are literally at your finger tips.

There really is no need to go it alone.  Take full advantage of all that is here to help you suceed and you will.