6 Tips to help you take more listings!

Tips to help you take more listings

There is a good chance you have not experienced a market like we are experiencing today.  Listings are the name of the game and to help you take more of the listings, once you get the appointment, there are tips that agents have used for years that can help.  Take the time to read through the suggestions below and add your own personality to the materials and presentation you will be using.

Build your credibility.

Include a resume of sorts about you, flyers about your company, your mortgage department, your relocation division, your awards and recognition.

Dress for success.

You will most likely be the only agent that shows up at their door with business attire on. Brag about that fact so that they notice the difference should they meet with other agents. Dressing professionally won’t cost you a transaction but there is a pretty good chance it could help get you one during the course of the year.

Be well prepared.

Sometimes it is good to drive past the house a day before the appointment. That will give you a chance to view the active, pending, expired and sold homes in the area of the listing you are trying to get. Pull the tax record of the property and use the tax records search for comparable homes sold for sale by owner. Pull recent expired listings. The expired listings are great for helping the seller understand the result of overpricing. Have information available on all pending and recent sold homes in the area. These will help you prepare your CMA and can be used to show the customer what the competition looks like.

Know what is important to them

Remember that most sellers will be focused on 3 points when listing their home; how much money will they receive, how long will it take and how stressful/bothersome will the process be on them and their personal life. You should be prepared to cover those 3 points in detail with the seller to their satisfaction.

Fact find.

Ask all the right questions. Who will be making the decision to list the home, will they be attending the presentation? Why are you wanting to sell? Where are they moving? What do they think the home is worth? Information is valuable and you know the only way to get it is to ask questions and then, listen.

Take the listing.

Make sure you have a sign, lockbox and a complete listing package filled out with everything but the price when you arrive at the listing. After the small talk, after the presentation of marketing plan and after the CMA, ask for the listing. Don’t spend a second more selling yourself when the customer has said they are ready. Start getting signatures!

These are just a few extra little suggestions for you to use. Most successful listing agents are familiar with most if not all of these points.

Go get those listings!

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