What do I say when buyers call about my pending listing?

Getting buyers through the front door

What do I say when buyers call about my pending listing?

An agent recently told me that a buyer called about one of their listings that is under contract. I asked the agent how they handled the call and this is the response:

She was asking about my listing that is pending, so I let her know that if she had any questions, to feel free to ask and that if they can’t get this property, I can definitely help them find what they are looking for.

The offer of helping potential buyers with any additional questions is a good response, but I suggested the agent consider a more direct approach.

Mr./Ms. Buyer, As we discussed, the specific home you called about is under contract. I will keep you updated on the status of this home and I will inform you immediately should it come back on the market. In the meantime, let’s schedule a time this weekend to go out and visit similar homes in the area that match the size and price of this home.

You might want to try a more direct approach as well when dealing with home buyers calling on listings that are no longer available.

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