What should you include in your real estate newsletter?

Real estate agent newsletter

real estate agent newsletter




A real estate agent newsletter is a great way to strengthen your business relationships with past customers, family, friends and network contacts.

A consistent, informative newsletter supports your branding efforts while providing the recipients with useful information that highlights you as the local expert.

In my opinion, for a newsletter to be of value and worth reading, it should be structured to include relevant topics.

A good real estate agent newsletter structure might include:

  • An introduction of a new product, listing or sale.
  • National, state or local news impacting the real estate industry.
  • A personal message from the agent.
  • Home maintenance tips.
  • Upcoming community events.

Avoid sending a canned newsletter that is easily tossed into the trash can.  Make the newsletter informative and pertinent to those receiving it in order to increase the likelihood it will be read.

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